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A wingwoman for your business

Hello, my name's Kerry Lummus, and I'm a virtual assistant (VA) and proofreader running a small team at Lummus Virtual Solutions.

Running a business is hard; it's easy to find ourselves pulled in different directions and 'wearing many different hats'. It becomes all too easy to lose sight of our goals, spend less time on fee-earning work than we'd like and let the calibre of service we provide to our clients slide.

Have you ever thought you could use an extra pair of hands, eyes and ears but couldn't afford it? Think again.

We work with small business owners, coaches and other busy professionals. They utilise our admin services  as little or as often as they need, allowing them to concentrate on their core business - the stuff that actually brings in the money.

In addition to bespoke PA work, one of our services is proofreading. Our clients are keen to ensure their written material portrays their business in the best possible light. Content may well be king, but proofreading is essential to ensure credibility isn't lost through poor grammar or punctuation.

A great virtual assistant (VA) or virtual PA is so much more than a professional administrator. A great virtual assistant is also an ambassador for their client's business - not only in the way they represent that business but also in how they add value by introducing you to useful connections and by spotting opportunities for you. A good virtual assistant can also be a great sounding board for ideas or when you purely need to think aloud.

I like to think of us as our clients' wingwoman, in fact.

It's always great to feel appreciated.

Here's what another client had to say,

"Kerry is highly professional and intuitive as a virtual assistant. She has supported and guided me through multiple Zoom meetings, as well as gathering attendances for meetings and managing communications. She is a highly valued member of my team and makes every client, like me, feel that they are her only concern - a consummate skill. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone looking for support to manage their workload and become more efficient." - Kate Pym, Pym's Consultancy.

If you recognise the value in outsourcing some (or all) of your admin, but you're not sure where to start, this blog might help. I also offer a no-obligation discovery call where we can discuss this further. Please feel free to book in  here.

About Me

I'm a virtual assistant (VA) and proofreader, and I live between Newark and Lincoln on the Nottinghamshire-Lincolnshire border.  

After having worked for 13 years as a PA at partner level in a firm of Lincoln-based chartered surveyors, I 'took the plunge' in 2016 and became a virtual PA. Lummus Virtual Solutions was born, and what an experience it's been! 

I'm passionate about providing a top-notch service to our clients whilst acting with honesty and integrity. After all, the success of my business depends on the success of my clients' businesses. You can, therefore, rest assured you're in safe hands.

I've completed a training course to say confidently that I understand current data protection regulations. My credentials and ICO registration can be seen here.

I have an IT support agreement with a Microsoft partner, who checks my systems quarterly to ensure they're encrypted, data is secure and backed up, and my anti-virus is all tickety-boo! He also oversees the onboarding of new team members from an IT perspective. Find out more here.

I'm a proud member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and enjoy their backup and the support network of other passionate businesspeople. 

I'm a former secretary of Lincoln Business Club, and outside of work, I also did a stint as secretary of Collingham and District Cricket Club. Photography is my new passion. I'm trying to learn - the main thing I'm learning is 'practice, practice, practice'!

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The Team


Catherine has over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors.

Catherine specialises in minutes or note taking online. HR meetings are her forte, where she can draw on her postgraduate qualification from the University of Strathclyde in Human Resource Management.

She’s widely travelled, including trips to Argentina, Uruguay, Syria, Pakistan, Iran and South Africa.

At home, she’s a coach for Jog Scotland and enjoys keeping fit during her downtime.

Here's what one client had to say:


Janet has over 20 years of experience working with professional services industries.

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs, which covers General Procedures, Legal Terminology, Legal Document Production, the English Legal System, the Law of Contract, the Law of Tort, Civil Litigation, Land Law, Conveyancing, Wills, Probate & Administration, and Family Law & Practice.  

 She also holds a Legal Secretaries diploma. 

Transcription and proofreading are her forte, along with general admin tasks.

Janet joined Lummus Virtual Solutions in 2022 and made an immediate impact with her first transcription project. Feedback from the client was excellent:

"The research went down an absolute storm at the sales meeting, with the whole team saying it was useful and really energising to get so much extra information."


Working as a virtual assistant (VA) out of a dedicated home office, Lummus Virtual Solutions offer a bespoke range of virtual admin support, including:  

  • PA services (find out more here )
  • Proofreading (find out more here )
  • Bespoke package of support for executive and leadership coaches (find out more here )
  • Transcription/audio typing (find out more here )
  • Zoom host support (find out more here )
  • Minute-taking (HR interviews and legal meetings, etc.) (find out more here )
  • Document and template creation
  • Event co-ordination and support 
  • Lifestyle management (or 'life admin' as I like to call it!)
  • Bespoke business administration to suit your own needs

I offer a complimentary one-hour discovery call, without obligation, during which we can discuss your specific requirements.  Please feel free to book a call  here.

All work is carried out in accordance with my Virtual Assistant Agreement, a sample of which can be viewed  here .

Download my Ultimate Proofreading Checklist


Clients love the knowledge that as much or as little admin support or proofreading is available when needed, but they don't have to commit to a regular or fixed overhead. They're invoiced either monthly or after the tasks have been completed. There is none of the legislation or obligations associated with an employee, such as pension contributions, National Insurance contributions, holiday pay, or the need to provide desk space and licences.

Clients find that once they have delegated a lot of their admin and organisational work, their capacity to take on more billable work increases. Their turnover increases, and because (sadly!) their charging rate is higher than my own, the cost of that outsourcing is more than covered, and their profits also increase.

In short, it allows them to grow their business.

"I'm not constantly thinking, 'Have I answered this email? Have I answered that email? I can focus on the work more, not clearing my inbox. I'm definitely more productive." Kate Pym, Pym's Consultancy. 

Unfortunately, you do still have to make the coffee!


My charging structure is very simple:

By the Hour You only pay for the hours we work, so this is the most flexible model. We track our time using an online application and round it up or down to the nearest 15 minutes, allowing you to see where the time has been spent. The minimum charge is one hour per month. My charging rate is from £32 per hour.

Retainer Basis Depending on the nature and volume of the work, it may be best to retain a certain amount of hours each month. You can, therefore, guarantee our time.

This is often the most popular solution. It's for people who need ongoing support and helps me gain an in-depth understanding of your business, which, in turn, allows me to help you stay focused on achieving your goals.

By the Project Sometimes it's easier to set a fixed price for a particular task. An initial quote is given based on the scope of the project but can be subject to revision if the parameters of the project later change.

Please  contact me  to find out what best suits your needs.

Note For transcription services (audio typing), charges may alternatively be per audio minute and for proofreading, they may be per 1,000 words. Please  contact me  for more information.

Kerry Lummus, professional proofreader, working on laptop
Kerry Lummus, professional proofreader

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Kerry is highly professional and intuitive as a virtual assistant. She has supported and guided me through multiple Zoom meetings, as well as gathering attendances for meetings and managing communications. She is a highly valued member of the Pym's team and makes every client, like me, feel that they are her only concern - a consummate skill. I would recommend Kerry to anyone looking for support to manage their workload and become more efficient.

- Kate Pym, Pym's Consultancy

I think it would have been an entirely different - extremely erratic and most unpleasant - experience without you! You really are a lifesaver.
(following co-hosting a Zoom workshop)

- Jo Mason, Propulsion Coaching

Kerry is very approachable, making you feel completely at ease. My work was completed in a very timely manner, and it was helpful to see the comments Kerry had put on my work explaining some suggested changes. Having Kerry not only proofread my information but also to view it as a potential customer provided invaluable feedback. I would absolutely recommend Kerry and look forward to collaborating again in the future.

- Sue Haynes, Cactus Bookkeeping

Just a few lines to thank you for all your hard work over the past weeks.  Due to your efforts we have been able to meet our obligations to our clients at a time of flux.  Your diligence, adaptability and professional approach throughout have endeared you to clients and staff alike.

- Denise Myers, Richard Watkinson & Partners

Kerry is secretary to Lincoln Business Club, and as chair of the club I am ever grateful for the support she gives me personally, in keeping me organised and proactive. I am also grateful for the quality of administation she does in the background for us all. Kerry forms a very important core part of our team. She is a giggle to work with and thanks to her warm welcome and help in navigating my role, I was able to begin my role from a running start. Thanks Kerry!

- Nicola Ellwood, chair of Lincoln Business Club

Kerry demonstrated the highest standard of professionalism when copy typing and proofreading my late husband’s work.  She took an interest and enhanced the work.  She was not just on my wavelength but virtually one step ahead of me every time.  She is observant and efficient.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Robina Ellis

Thank God for Kerry! If you're wondering if it's worth having a VA to help you deliver your online meeting, wonder no more. Kerry is worth it. We had a Zoom chat as Covid 19 was forcing me to deliver my sales training online. 'People buy people first', and after a 35-40 min chat I 'bought' Kerry. Glad I did. I've just delivered 2 days of online sales training with Kerry providing the support by managing 'all things Zoom' - admitting delegates, dealing with late arrivals, giving a 2-3 minute tutorial to delegates on using whiteboards, managing Powerpoint slides, videos etc. Importantly, that left me to do what I do - deliver the training.

- Austen Hempstead

Kerry has been a great help with proofreading, enabling me to present my documents in a professional way and consequently enhancing my credibility and helping me gain work.  Kerry provided valuable insight into my business, suggesting tools to help me work more efficiently.  I feel that having this level of support is like having an invisible partner. Her skills provide me with confidence to present my work in an excellent light.

- Andrew Sherwin, Safety Adviser

Kerry, thank you for all your assistance, I appreciated the commitment you showed to the tasks before you.  You displayed excellent IT skills and are such a lovely person to work with.  I have no hesitation recommending your excellent skills to others and it's great to know you're there for me when I need you, thank you.

- Julia Prebble, Prebble Card Psychologists

Kerry did a great job typing up Mum's Lockdown Journal (a piece of family history to pass on). She provided a very efficient and professional service. A big thank you!

- Andy Beal and Lisa Jones

I am very pleased with the service provided and greatly appreciate the support

- Denise Murphy, The HR Dept Wimbledon and New Malden

Kerry proofread my book Successful Business Networking Online and gave editing suggestions too. All so very helpful and giving me the confidence to publish the book and know it is the best it can be without typos and errors. I shall not hesitate to recommend Kerry to the authors in my publishing business. 

- Ladey Adey

Kerry is proactive, reliable, highly knowledgeable, and with exemplary attention to detail...and she's super lovely to boot!  We worked closely together as committee members for Lincoln Business Club, and Kerry was one of those people who thinks of everything before anyone else has even realised they've forgotten it!  She has a clear passion for supporting people using her diverse skills in any way she can.  She is also a really creative problem solver.  It was an absolute delight working with her.

- Jo Mason, Propulsion Coaching

I've been working with Kerry for quite a while now because she keeps me on track and organised. The best things for me are her anticipation of my needs, keeping track of my ever-growing network and a realistic approach to finding new and better ways to manage me.  Thank you Kerry, highly recommend!

- Mark Jarvis, The Referrals Builder

I always find your proofreading helpful.  You’re a star!

- Amanda Whitehead, MBS Calm Holistic

I have been very impressed with your work and professionalism on this project. We've enjoyed working with you and hopefully there will be opportunities to do so again in the future.

- David Jones, Managing Director, Habit5

We are massively grateful for the help you have given us over the last few weeks, it's been a huge help having you here.  You have brought to light many issues that we have missed, and have cleared up some recent and very old invoice queries leading to their subsequent payment.  Clearly having an independent and fresh pair of eyes looking at things has been a bonus, and also given me a nudge in the right direction to work at this in a more effective way.

- Amanda Landry, Frontrunner

Kerry’s knowledge of IT is excellent; she dealt with the administration of the firm’s IT systems for me and was exceptionally organised and thorough in this role. Her attention to detail, accuracy, discretion and persistence coupled with her positive approach and friendly manner made her a useful ally in a busy professional office environment.

- Dan Race, Hodgson Elkington

Thanks Kerry...for being awesome!

- Nicola Ellwood, coach-client 

Kerry is highly professional and intuitive as a virtual assistant. She has supported and guided me through multiple Zoom meetings, as well as gathering attendances for meetings and managing communications. She is a highly valued member of the Pym's team and makes every client, like me, feel that they are her only concern - a consummate skill. I would recommend Kerry to anyone looking for support to manage their workload and become more efficient.

- Kate Pym, Pym's Consultancy

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