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Eight Ways to make your Meeting more effective

18th December 2023

Meetings can help to drive progress in any business, but only when they're conducted effectively. As professional minute takers, we've had a ringside view of what makes or breaks a meeting. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to ...
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Six Qualities to look for when hiring a VA

14th November 2023

So, you recognise that the time is right to take on a pair of helping hands. You recognise that, by concentrating on fee-earning work and outsourcing some of the rest, you can take your business to the next level. Now the questi ...
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Common Myths about Virtual Assistants

11th July 2023

Let's take a moment to explore some misleading discussions you may have heard about the virtual assistant industry. Myth 1 - Expense   It’s very misleading to simply compare the hourly rate of a virtual assistant with that of an ...
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Spotlight on: Minute and Note taking

28th April 2023

Here at Lummus Virtual Solutions, we’re able to transcribe online meetings, either live or recorded.  We find this is a sought-after skill by the legal profession, HR consultants and others. It’s all too common to attend a meet ...
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Spotlight on: Inboxes

15th March 2023

Today, I thought I’d focus on inboxes. We all have at least one of them. They can seem like they have a life of their own and just grow and grow.  Some people use their inbox as a to-do list. I’m not the biggest fan of this. The ...
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Six Signs you’re ready to hire a Virtual Assistant

5th January 2023

Small business owners often wear lots of different hats. They source the work, do the marketing, keep the accounts, work on business planning and strategy, network, do the admin – oh, and between all that, they even manage to s ...
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Support for Executive and Leadership Coaches

1st December 2022

As an executive or leadership coach, you may be facing similar challenges that many today are facing: 👉🏻 Increased expectations surrounding delivering more and delivering faster 👉🏻 Performing to a consistently higher standar ...
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Spotlight on: Online Workshop Etiquette

23rd November 2022

Do you ever attend an online workshop and intentionally leave your camera off for the whole session?  I recently co-hosted a session that lasted a couple of hours. My client made it clear from the start that this was ...
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Spotlight on: Proofreading

10th November 2022

Hiring a proofreader may seem like an unnecessary expense, but using one can be the difference between your clients having faith in your service, product or company or looking elsewhere. Spell checkers are all well and good for ...
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Spotlight on: Digital Transcription

7th November 2022

Hands up if you like transcribing your own meeting notes! Hmm, I thought not! Here at Lummus Virtual Solutions, we have a small team of transcriptionists ready to turn your spoken words into written words. We can handle many for ...
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