Posted on 3rd September 2021

A virtual assistant or professional proofreader at Lummus Virtual Solutions passing jigsaw pieces from one hand to another - depicting how owners and leaders can benefit from business admin support provided by a VA.

My clients usually need help with being organised and staying on track. Like most business owners, they have many different demands on their time, and it isn’t always easy to keep all the plates spinning at all times. Sometimes this spills over into their private lives as well.

I totally get it.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in.

By delegating, clients get to:

Focus on what they do best
Develop their core objectives
Provide more value to their clients and win new ones
Increase their capacity for fee-earning work

Consider this:

What's been on your to-do list far too long because your back-office work keeps getting in the way?
What’s the one thing you would do right away if only you could find the time?
Would you like more fee-earning work?
Would you like to better the service you provide to your existing clients?
Would you like to focus more on building relationships within your team?
Would you like to find more time for your own professional development (CPD)?

Hiring a VA is much more cost-effective than hiring an employee. You only pay a VA for the hours they’ve worked or a monthly retainer for a set number of hours. There are no overheads such as tax, insurance, holiday pay, maternity and sick pay, or pension contributions.

There’s no need to commit to a set number of hours per month.

It’s a very flexible business model.

Some people see delegation as losing control. However, I’d argue the opposite; you're freeing up your time to concentrate where you're needed most. If you find yourself a reliable virtual assistant, you gain someone who grows with you, understanding you and your business, someone invested in the success of your business but looking at it partially from the outside in. They’re close enough and yet distant enough to ‘have your back’. You’re then able to focus your time on your strengths rather than waste time on your weaknesses.

To me, that’s gaining control.

It’s a fantastic way for SMEs to be supported without having to enter a great financial commitment.

If you’d like to discuss hiring a VA, I’d be happy to have a no-obligation chat. Book a slot directly into my calendar here, and let’s just see where it takes us!

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