Happy Business Birthday to me!

Posted on 21st June 2022

It's now six years since I launched my career as a virtual assistant. 

I'd like to say I always knew it would be a huge success, but like a lot of people, I've suffered at times from imposter syndrome. 

Whilst I don't mind confessing that I've yet to make my first £million, when I look back and see how far I've come, I'm immensely proud. Whilst I've been doing this kind of work for more years than I care to remember, running your own business is a huge learning curve.

I'm happy to say I practice what I preach - identifying what can be outsourced to make the most productive and profitable use of your own time.

Time, after all, is one of the most valuable commodities we have.

I'd like to extend a massive thanks to all my clients and those who've shown encouragement and given me a boost along the way. Having a trusted network is very important to me. You are the reason I'm still here after six years.

Oh, and cake! Cake keeps me going and is always accepted! 😜

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