Six Qualities to look for when hiring a VA

Posted on 14th November 2023

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So, you recognise that the time is right to take on a pair of helping hands. 

You recognise that, by concentrating on fee-earning work and outsourcing some of the rest, you can take your business to the next level. 

Now the question arises, which virtual assistant offers services in the areas you need them the most? I have a blog here that should help with this. 

Next, you should consider who’s the best fit for you. Who do you see as your ‘wing woman’? You should look for someone who shares your values and beliefs, someone who has the personal attributes you’re seeking. 

This is the person I’d suggest you should partner with.
But what qualities should you look for?

You’re hiring a virtual assistant to help you push on with your business growth. You need to be able to trust your VA implicitly. Honesty and diligence should both, therefore, feature in the list of attributes you look for. Someone organised and with a keen eye for details can really ‘have your back’.

Whether it’s chasing payment of an outstanding invoice or carrying out internet research, your VA should be prepared to keep going to achieve results.

Positive Attitude
Running a business can be hard. A few obstacles and knockbacks are to be expected from time to time. Having someone with a positive outlook who can help you navigate these is a huge benefit. Use your VA to bounce ideas off. Apart from you, used to the full extent, your virtual assistant is one of the few people to really see ‘under the hood’ of your business.

This goes hand in hand with a positive attitude. How long has your prospective VA been in business? Are they going to stick around after a few knocks? Take a look at their LinkedIn profile and testimonials. Do they have a track record for seeing something through?

Being Goal-oriented
Your virtual assistant will, no doubt, set goals for their own business. Therefore, they’ll recognise the significance of your own targets and help you work towards them. Your VA can act as an accountability partner, helping you keep on track.

A Passion for Learning
I’m a great believer in Continuing Professional Development. In this world of technology, it’s never been easier to manage our own development and growth through webinars, conferences, books, courses, and blogs, to name but a few resources. However, it’s also with this world of technology that we must keep pace. New innovations are constantly being revealed, and it’s important not to get left behind.

If you feel the time is right to consider hiring a VA, but you’re unsure how it works or where to start, I’m always happy to have a no-obligation chat. You can book a call here.

Let’s just have a chat and see where it takes us!

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