Client Case Study - Mark Jarvis, The Referrals Builder

Posted on 29th April 2020

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If asked what my personal attributes are, what I 'bring to the table,' 'organisational skills' would be one of the first responses I'd consider. 

My clients are busy professionals; their role is to get out there doing whatever it is that they do best. My role is that of the little duck who does the paddling below water to keep things seamlessly ticking over as they should - not always, but mainly behind the scenes.

This allows my clients to concentrate on adding value and service to their own clients, to prospect new clients, or even to add products or services to their existing portfolio.

. The logo of Mark Jarvis, client of East Midlands-based virtual assistant, Kerry Lummus.
Mark Jarvis and I have worked together for nearly two years. Mark is a business coach, specialising in helping the business world attract better clients by building a pipeline of referrals, thereby growing their business.

Mark's ethos is to change the way people think, looking at things 'outside the box,' allowing them to work hard on smart things.

I'm tremendously impressed by the feedback I regularly see from his clients.

As you would anticipate, Mark has an exceptionally busy diary - and this is where I come in.

Not only do I make appointments on Mark's behalf, but I'm also able to 'nudge' him when it's time to focus on a particular client or prospect. 

I also carry out tasks in relation to his popular workshops - these might range from sourcing a suitable venue to follow-up with delegates on Mark's behalf post-workshop.

Communication between us is regular. I think it's key that my clients know exactly what stage we're at with any project - after all, it's their business, and I'm immensely grateful for the trust they show in me.

I love that I can take some pressure off Mark, allowing him to concentrate on 'doing his stuff.'  I feel we make a great team, and I'm sure Mark does too, 'Kerry keeps me on track and organised. The best things for me are her anticipation of my needs, keeping track of my ever-growing network and a realistic approach to finding new and better ways to manage me.'

If you recognise the value of outsourcing some, or all, of your admin to a professional virtual assistant, I'd love to have a one-hour, no-obligation Discovery Call to see if we'd be a 'good fit.' Contact me here, and I'll do the rest!

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