Client Case Study - Steve Robinson, Si Training and Consulting

Posted on 9th June 2020

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I love the work I do to support Steve. At times it can be fast-paced and quite intense, and it feels like I'm 'keeping lots of balls in the air.' It keeps me on my toes and gives me a real sense of achievement to help drive Steve's business forward.

The logo of Steve Robinson, Si Consulting, client of virtual assistant, Kerry Lummus.

Steve runs the hugely successful training and coaching company Si Training and Consulting. He has clients in the UK, Europe and beyond, and through his workshops and webinars, he helps people develop new ways of thinking about themselves, their work and their potential. He works with teams to increase each member's self-awareness and understanding of their colleagues, building sustainable improvements to the way organisations perform. I see the feedback from team leaders and delegates - the 'buy-in' is fantastic, and individuals very much enjoy Steve's style of delivery.

My role with Steve is to prepare for workshops and webinars and the follow-up after the sessions. For example:
  • Finding and booking hotels and trains
  • Preparation of materials for the training sessions - Powerpoint, Excel and Word
  • Ensuring delegates return their pre-workshop evaluators promptly
  • Liaising with printers to ensure materials reach them on time and are subsequently despatched to the venue on schedule
  • Follow-up materials post-workshop - Powerpoint and Excel
Steve and I communicate regularly. I'm conscious that he needs to know and trust that preparations for a session are on track and that when he catches a flight to a venue, it must be secure in the knowledge that the materials are waiting safely at the other end. 

However, he doesn't need to be distracted by too much detail. He can thereby concentrate on his own role - the stuff that only he can do - the writing and delivery of sessions and providing a first-class service to his clients.

I'm always thankful for the trust my clients show in me, and I ensure this isn't misplaced by being a good ambassador for their business.

I feel Steve and I make a great team, and I'm sure he does too:

'Kerry and the work she does for us through KLSS is of immense value and impact. Without that on-hand, professional and responsive support, we would certainly not be able to provide the client service and growth of the business as we do. I would highly recommend KLSS to any business or organisation looking for that extra and "safe" pair of hands.'

If you recognise the value in outsourcing some, or all, of your admin to a professional virtual assistant, I'd love to have a one-hour, no-obligation Discovery Call to see if we'd be a 'good fit.' Book in here, and I'll do the rest!
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