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Remote Working - the Virtual Assistant Way!

19th March 2020

Working remotely from my home office is the norm for me. I work alone, but very much as a team with each of my clients. During these extraordinary times, I thought it might be useful to share a few tools used by myself and other v ...
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2019 - A Year End Review

27th December 2019

Well, that’s another year of my life gone – how time flies! I seem to remember this time last year talking about Brexit and its possible impact both on my business and that of my clients.  Hmm, shall we just leave that one th ...
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How to find and work with a Virtual Assistant

3rd June 2019

Firstly, it's important to recognise that there's a big difference between engaging an employee and hiring a virtual assistant. A VA is an admin specialist who runs his/her own business, so you will want to set out on a harmonious ...
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Spotlight on: Proofreading - the Semicolon

16th April 2019

The semicolon is like a little devil who can leave the best of us feeling somewhat flummoxed at times. My usual rule is - if you're unsure, leave well alone! However, the semicolon can turn a piece of writing into a more sophistic ...
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Spotlight on: Proofreading - the Apostrophe

15th February 2019

'You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.'How true is that? Yet many small business owners commit to print or screen documents, blogs, posts and other articles containing errors.Grammar, punctuation and spelling ...
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How organised are you?

3rd January 2019

As those who know me will know, I do like to be organised.  In fact, in my line of work, it's essential.  As January has been designated #GetOrganisedMonth I thought I'd share a few little tips and tricks. I like to make use of te ...
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2018 - A Year End Review

30th December 2018

As the year draws to a close, it's a time when businesses such as my own reflect on the highs and lows of the year gone by. Most businesses will report that the year got off to a flying start. Given that Mr T and I were on (what w ...
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Best Practice for sending Emails

22nd November 2018

I’ve spoken previously on my Facebook page about good email etiquette – we know we shouldn’t type in capitals in an email as it’s considered to be SHOUTING – very bad form!   It’s not a good idea to write an email in anger – ...
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Client Case Study - Proofreading the Memoirs of the late James Ellis

21st June 2018

 I was delighted to be approached by Robina Ellis, the wife of the late actor James Ellis, better known to those of us 'of a certain age' as Sgt Bert Lynch in Z Cars. James wrote his memoirs as a series of poetry and prose entitle ...
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Information Overload

18th October 2017

I've timed this blog to coincide with Information Overload Day, which was established by a group of companies aiming to heighten awareness of what happens when employees are faced with too much information.   Research has shown th ...
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